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May, 2024

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  • Open Call for Organizing DAR Events *(repost)*
  • ICDAR 2024: Call for Participation in the Doctoral Consortium
  • ICPR 2024 - Call for Papers - Second-round Submission
  • ICPR 2024 Competition on Multi-line Mathematical Expressions Recognition
  • DAS 2024 - Call for Papers *(repost)*
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Dear TC11 members,

I would like to encourage PhD students to answer the call for participation of the ICDAR 2024 doctoral consortium included in this issue. The doctoral consortium provides a great opportunity for doctoral students to present their work and ideas, and get feedback on their research from senior researchers.

Regarding our usual calls for papers; ICPR 2024 - in its 50th year anniversary this year - is calling for a second round of paper submissions. Please also note that ICPR competitions are still open. This issue includes a call for participation for an ICPR competition on multi-line mathematical expressions recognition.

We also re-post here the open call for organizing our major DAR events that will be held in the coming years.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the “Dates and Deadlines” section.

Nibal Nayef, TC11 Communication Officer
( n.nayef@gmail.com )

Join us! If you are not already a member of the TC11 community, please consider joining the TC11 mailing list. Follow us on X (Twitter) (iapr_tc11): https://twitter.com/iapr_tc11



  • June 15 Tutorial submission for ICPR 2024
  • June 17 Short Papers/Demos submission for DAS 2024
  • June 24 ICDAR 2024 Doctoral consortium application deadline
  • July 5 Second round paper submission for ICPR 2024

Upcoming Conferences and Events


  • ICPRAI 2024. Jeju Island, South Korea (June 18-21, 2024)
  • TPDL 2024. Ljubljana, Slovenia (September 24-27, 2024)
  • ICDAR 2024. Athens, Greece (August 30 - September 4, 2024)
  • ICPR 2024. Kolkata, India (December 01-05, 2024)

The IAPR technical committees on graphics recognition (TC10) and reading systems (TC11) are regularly organizing scientific events for the Document Analysis and Recognition (DAR) community, including the ICDAR flagship conference.

In addition to specific calls for bids to host one of the events, we encourage teams to announce their interest in organizing one of the following events:

  • ICDAR: International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (annually; next possibility in 2027)
  • DAS: International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (satellite event of ICDAR in even years; next possibility in 2026)
  • GREC: International Workshop on Graphics Recognition (satellite event of ICDAR in odd years; next possibility in 2025)
  • SSDA: Summer School on Document Analysis (biannually in odd years; next possibility in 2025)

You may find the details of each specific call in the previous or future issues of this newsletter or in the respective websites of each event.

Anyone interested in hosting one of these events is invited to announce their interest via email to jean-christophe.burie@univ-lr.fr and andreas.fischer@unifr.ch, in order to receive feedback and support for preparing a proposal.

Jean-Christophe Burie (Chair, TC10)
Andreas Fischer (Chair, TC11)

In 2011, the first Doctoral Consortium in the Document Analysis community was organized in conjunction with the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR). This has led to successful successor events at ICDAR 2013, ICDAR 2015, ICDAR 2017, ICDAR 2019, ICDAR 2021, and ICDAR 2023. The tradition of having a Doctoral Consortium as a satellite event to the ICDAR main conference will further be continued at ICDAR 2024 in Athens, Greece.

The goal of the ICDAR 2024 Doctoral Consortium is to create an opportunity for PhD students to test their research ideas, present their current progress and future plans, and receive constructive criticism and insights related to their future work and career perspectives. Students will have the opportunity to present an overview of their research plan during the poster sessions of the main conference. In addition, a mentor (a senior researcher who is active in the field) will be assigned to each student to provide individual feedback.

Participation in the ICDAR 2024 Doctoral Consortium will be limited to 25 students. Prospective participants are encouraged to submit their application by June 24, 2024. The Doctoral Consortium Chairs will then review all applications received. Preference will be given to students who are at a stage in their studies most likely to benefit (i.e., they have identified a research direction and published some initial results, but the thesis is not yet set in stone).

Participation in the Doctoral Consortium will be free for all accepted students. There will be no extra registration fees.

The ICDAR 2024 Doctoral Consortium will take place during the poster sessions of the main conference, i.e., on Monday, September 2, and Tuesday, September 3.


Students willing to participate should submit an application in a SINGLE pdf file. The submission should be prepared using the instructions and style files for Springer computer science proceedings. The LaTeX template for LNCS can be downloaded here. It is also available on Overleaf.

The pdf file should contain the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • University
  • Title of your thesis
  • Supervisor of the thesis
  • Starting and expected finalization date of the PhD
  • Short research plan (1-2 pages about the work)
  • Short CV (1-2 pages)

The research plan should contain an overview of the PhD topic, the steps made so far (including a list of publications), and the actions planned before finishing the PhD, especially novel research ideas to be pursued.

Submission should be done before June 24, 2024 to:


  • Submission deadline: June 24, 2024
  • Acceptance notification: July 8, 2024
  • Doctoral consortium: September 2-3, 2024

We are looking forward to your participation!

Andreas Fischer and KC Santosh, Doctoral Consortium Chairs, dc-chairs@icdar2024.net

The International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR) is the flagship conference of the International Association of Pattern Recognition and the premier conference in Pattern Recognition, covering Computer Vision, Machine learning, Image, Speech, Sensor pattern processing etc. ICPR 2024 is the 27th event of the series which will be held at Kolkata, India during December 1-5, 2024. ICPR will also celebrate its 50th year during ICPR 2024.

Conference website: https://icpr2024.org/index.html
Contact: icpr2024@gmail.com or icpr2024@isical.ac.in

This conference provides a great opportunity to nurture new ideas and collaborations for students, academics, and industry researchers. ICPR-2024 will cover the following six tracks:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Computer and Robot Vision
  • Image, Speech, Signal and Video Processing
  • Biometrics and Human Computer Interaction
  • Document Analysis and Recognition
  • Biomedical Imaging and Bioinformatics

The main conference has several highlights, including keynotes by top experts, invited talks by academic and industry professionals, oral paper presentation, poster paper presentation, etc. ICPR-2024 will also have many Workshops and Tutorials.

Because of several requests as well as to enrich the technical program, ICPR-2024 is having second-round submissions like other popular conferences. Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers in the second-round submissions of ICPR-2024.

Important deadlines for ICPR-2024 (second round submissions) are as follows:

  • Second round paper submission deadline: July 05, 2024
  • Second round acceptance notification: August 20, 2024
  • Camera-ready submission: August 31, 2024

Second-round Submission and Review:
ICPR-2024 will follow a single-blind review process. Authors can include their names and affiliations in the manuscript. Also, the authors can submit their arXiv papers in ICPR-2024.

Papers for second round should be submitted using this link:

Paper Format and Length:
Springer LNCS format with maximum 15 pages (including references) during paper submission. There is no minimum page limit. To take care of reviewers’ comments, one more page is allowed (without any charge) during camera ready submission.

Springer LNCS paper formatting instructions and templates for ICPR-2024 are available on the ICPR 2024 website.

Participation and Paper Presentation Mode:
ICPR 2024 will be held in hybrid mode. However the organizer of ICPR encouraged the participants to attend the conference physically. Each accepted paper should have at least one author registration at the full rate (member or non-member). A full rate registration can cover a maximum of two papers (it may be two main conference papers, or one main conference paper and one workshop paper). Student registration only allows attending the conference and presenting papers, does not allow including paper in the proceedings. If an author cannot attend physically after registration, a proxy can be entrusted to present the paper physically. Otherwise, the authors can present it online. All no-show papers will be excluded from the conference proceedings.

ICPR 2024 has a separate page for second round submission. Here is the link of the second round submission page:

We look forward to your participation in ICPR 2024.

With regards,
Umapada Pal, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India
Josef Kittler, University of Surrey, UK
Anil Jain, Michigan State University, USA
(ICPR-2024 General Chairs)


Rama Chellappa, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Apostolos Antonacopoulos, University of Salford, UK
Cheng-Lin Liu, Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Subhasis Chaudhuri, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
(ICPR-2024 Program Chairs)

ICPR 2024 Competition on Multi-line Mathematical Expressions Recognition is now live!
In this competition, participants are expected to recognize multi-line mathematical expressions from provided images and output them in LaTeX format. A new dataset is also introduced to help participants with this challenging task.

If you are interested, we would like to invite you to register and participate at:

Task Review
The competition solely contains a multi-line mathematical expressions recognition task, which is to extract the multi-line mathematical expressions in the format of LaTeX.

Important Dates:

  • May 6, 2024: Training images and labels available
  • May 27, 2024: Competition test data released
  • June 27, 2024: Registration close
  • July 4, 2024: Results submission deadline

He Zhang, Tianrui Zong, Lin Yang, Borui Cai, Kexin Technology, Beijing, China.
Liangcai Gao, Associate Professor of Wangxuan Institute of Computer Technology, Peking University, Beijing, China.
Fenghong Liu , Head of Data Intelligence and Professor of National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.


Document Analysis System (DAS) will be organized as a satellite workshop in conjunction with ICDAR 2024. Join us at DAS 2024 to explore the cutting-edge of document analysis technologies! This workshop is an unparalleled opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and technology enthusiasts to engage in a forward-looking discourse on document analysis systems’ evolution and future directions.

We welcome papers and demos in the many categories listed here, according to Springer formatting guidelines:

  • Full papers (12-15 pages) for comprehensive research findings
  • Short papers (6-8 pages) for research in progress, and novel ideas
  • Demos. Must be accompanied by a short paper (6-8 pages)
  • Demos for Accepted ICDAR papers (4-8 pages) highlighting the application and technical detail of the accepted paper

Important Dates

  • Full Paper submission: May 10, 2024 (23:59 AoE) (passed)
  • Full Paper Acceptance notification: June 03, 2024
  • Full Papers Camera-ready: June 10, 2024 (23:59 AoE)
  • Short Papers/Demos Submission: June 17, 2024 (23:59 AoE)
  • Short Papers/Demos Acceptance Notification: June 27, 2024
  • Short Papers Camera-ready: July 02, 2024 (23:59 AoE)

For more details, please have a look at the following link:

We are looking forward to your excellent contributions!

DAS Organizing Committee

TC11 Datasets Repository

Where to share datasets

Did you know it? We have two official places for datasets:
- Our historical platform for storage and listing: http://datasets.iapr-tc11.org

TC11 maintains a collection of datasets that can be found online in the TC11 Datasets Repository.

If you have new datasets (e.g., from competitions) that you wish to share with the research community, please use the online upload form. For questions and support, please contact the TC11 Dataset Curator (contact information is below).

Joseph Chazalon (TC11 Dataset Curator)
( joseph.chazalon@lrde.epita.fr )

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