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=== 2014 ===
=== 2014 ===
* [[DAS-Discussion:DAS 2024]] by Faisal Shafait
* [[DAS-Discussion:DAS 2024]] by Faisal Shafait
* [[DAS-Discussion:Information Extraction]] by Nibal Nayef

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DAS Discussion Groups

It is a long-standing tradition to have discussion groups at the DAS workshops. These are small working groups discussing about topics of special interest to attendees. Till 2008, Henry Baird coordinated the discussions. In 2010, Marcus Liwicki took over the organization.

To make the highlights of the discussions available to the community, we make the summaries of the discussions available on this website. They mainly contain lists of (a) new sound & reliable methods, and (b) urgent open problems.

Reports of previous discussions